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Random links for week 45

  • I have an Apple TV and I run XBMC and Boxee on my Apple TV using Patchstick. Apple introduced Apple TV 3.0 Software last week. Somehow, the software just got upgraded automatically causing me to lose XBMC and Boxee. Patchstick isn't available for Apple TV 3.0 yet. So, I had to downgrade it using another Patchstick product (Canadian based).
  • I am using Whey protein supplement as my post workout drink for a while now. Recently, I came across Casein protein supplements and started using it too. I take Whey after workout and take Casein before going to bed (only on workout days). Here is an article that compares Whey and Casein.
  • I am using magit mode in Emacs with my git repositories. It is quite helpful most of the times.
  • DTrace is a powerful tool for tracing a process. Recently, we have started working on defining Statically Defined Tracing for our system. I feel that it is a quite powerful way to approach system tracing.