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In C, sometimes you want to write a C pre-processor macro that takes variable length arguments. Let me give you a practical requirement example. The requirement is that a debug log function needs to be written that takes format string and the variables as arguments and produce a debug log ...

Google recently announced thier "Summer of Code", a program to introduce students to the world of Open Source Software Development. On succesful completion of the project, the student will receive $4500 from Google. $50000+ to be earnt from the Gnome bounties itself. Two Evolution tasks are also a part of ...

If you are interested to play with Evolution and you want to concentrate only on building and running Evolution from the CVS, you need not build the entire Gnome. Here are the steps to follow for building and running Evolution from CVS using 'jhbuild'.

The first step is setting up ...

Here is a Wiki tutorial for C#. Very good one indeed.

I am trying to solve the puzzles available at Python challenge. I know a bit of Python. But the puzzles are interesting. Why don't you give a try!

A very nice tutorial "Developing with Gnome" is available at newren's site. There is a chapter which gives detailed instructions on how to build Gnome from CVS.

This might be of interest for those sitting for placement. How do you swap two integers in C without creating a temporary variable ?

#include <stdio .h>
int main(void)
        int a = 100;
        int b = 200;

        printf("a=%d | b=%d\n",a,b);
        a ^= b ^= a ^= b;
        printf("a=%d ...

I have installed Netbeans on my Debian. Too slow. Typically Java ;-) Here is a screenshot.